हर बिज़नेस को चाहिए वेबसाइट

every business needs a website

Website Design Company in jamshedpur

अगर आप बिज़नेस करते हैं या करना चाहते हैं और वेबसाइट नहीं है तो आप इंडिया के 56 करोड़ कस्टमर्स से कटे हुए हैं।

how to make website in 1 day

Website Design Services

Basic Website Design

Custom Web or App Development

Anatomy of a basic business website

The above mentioned pages may vary as per business to business. Each business website page can have text content, image or image gallery, video content, sliders, contact form, location map etc.

Website maintenance and regular update

One of the main requirement of any website is regular maintenance and update. Website maintenance can be done from your end (customer end) or by Thakurtech Team depending on the requirement. 

Easy update with page builder

With every business website we provide industry leading page builder software and CMS. It makes website update as easy as writing on Microsoft word. By using page builder any person who has basic computer knowledge can add, edit, or delete text content, image content, slider content or video content. No coding or programming language is required to update your website.

Page builder can also be used for adding new pages to the website or creating blog pages. This is a very powerful and useful feature for digital marketing.

SEO, Digital Marketing & Branding for a business website

Business website as a lead genarating machine

A well planned, designed and marketed website can become a good lead generating machine. It works 24 x 7 and  plays important role in growth of your business.

Content Marketing for more business

We are living in the age of digital era or information age. The more content you put on your website the more chances you create to attract more visitors to your website.

We provide effective content marketing solution for your business website. Our expert content marketing team can research and create original and traffic generating content.

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